Elected Members

Elected Members (Councillors) are elected to represent the interests of residents and ratepayers, provide community leadership and guidance, and facilitate communication between the community and the Council. The Wudinna District Council currently has 7 Councillors:

Cr Eleanor Scholz (Chairperson)
Cr Newton Luscombe (Deputy)
Cr Craig Walladge
Cr Tony Griffin
Cr Jill Rushmer
Cr Richard DuBois
Cr Naomi Scholz

Mrs Eleanor Irene Scholz

Position Chairperson
Address C/- Post Office
Contact Details Work: 08 8680 2212
Home: 08 8680 2168
Fax: 08 8680 2318

Mr Ned Luscombe

Position Deputy Chairperson
Address C/- Post Office
Kyancutta SA 5651
Contact Details Phone: 08 8681 2031

Mr Craig Walladge

Position Councillor
Address C/- Post Office
Contact Details Home: 08 8680 2028
Mobile: 0429 802 028
Fax: 08 8680 2587

Mr Tony Griffin

Position Councillor
Address C/O Post Office
Wudinna SA 5652
Contact Details Mobile: 0427802019

Mrs Jill Rushmer

Position Councillor
Address PO Box 14
Kyancutta SA 5652
Contact Details Work: 08 8681 2031
Mobile: 0447 652 279

Mr Richard 'Rick' DuBois

Address PO Box 5
Wudinna SA 5652
Contact Details Mobile: 0429 802 192

Ms Naomi Scholz

Position Councillor
Address PO Box 248
Wudinna SA 5652
Contact Details Work: 08 8680 6233
Mobile: 0428 540 670
Term Dates From 10/11/2014

(For information about the role of elected members, see below.)


Every four years, as set by the State Electoral Office, nominations are called for Councillors to serve on the Wudinna District Council. If the number of nominations received exceed the number of seats, an election is held. Voting in a local government election is not compulsory. For information regarding voting eligibility, contact Council's Corporate Services Manager.

Responsibilities of Councillors

The responsibilities of Councillors include keeping in touch with electors, attending meetings and coordinating community activities.


For the 2014-2018 term, Wudinna District Council Councillors will receive and allowance of $5,534 per year. The Chairperson will receive an allowance of $22,135 per year and the Deputy Chairperson will receive $6,917 per year. These allowances are prescribed by an independant Remuneration Tribunal and are suject to periodic adjustments each year.

Chairperson / Deputy Chairperson

The Chairperson is the primary representative of our District. The Chairperson of the Wudinna District Council is Cr Eleanor Scholz. The Deputy Chairperson is Cr Newton Luscombe.

Further Information

For more information on the roles and responsibilities of Elected Members, contact Council's Chief Executive Officer,visit the SA Local Government Association's web site at www.lga.sa.gov.au, or visit the website - 'How Councils Work: A guide to the Rules'.

Wudinna District Council
PO Box 6, Wudinna SA 5652
Ph: (08) 8680 2002| Fax: (08) 8680 2296