Waste Management

Garbage Collection

Garbage is collected from Wudinna and Minnipa households early Monday mornings. If Monday is a Public Holiday the garbage is collected on the next working day.

The following conditions apply to garbage collection:

  • Garbage receptacles must be cylindrical in shape, properly constructed so as to be water tight, be furnished with a properly constructed cover lid or seal and caused to be continuously covered or sealed.
  • Number not more than three receptacles, such of a capacity not exceeding 75 litres and fitted with handles for convenience of moving and emptying same, or
  • be of a kind approved by Council.
  • Every garbage or refuse receptacle must be lined by means of a plastic liner and rendered sealed prior to collection of refuse.
  • Garbage receptacles must be placed in such a position so as to be conveniently accessible to persons employed by Council.

Failure to comply with the above conditions will result in refuse not being collected. Any spilt refuse is the responsibility of the householder. Loose items such as cardboard boxes will not be collected (refer to recycling). Garbage is not collected in the towns of Yaninee, Pygery, Kyancutta and Warramboo.

Waste Oil Collection Facility

The Council now has a waste oil collection facility located at the depot for use by the public. All types of containers can be taken there for collection as long as they are clean. For more information or to book a time, please contact the Council's Work's Manager.

Refuse Sites


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