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Wudinna Biosolids De-Sludging 2019


Invitation to Tender -  Wudinna Biosolids De-Sludging 2019

The town of Wudinna is serviced by a Community Wastewater Management System with approximately 236 domestic and 76 commercial/institutional wastewater management system tank connections. Council undertakes a pump-out of biosolids from all tanks every four years to maintain the operational integrity of the system. Tenders are invited from suitably qualified and equipped contractors to undertake the required works during this year.

The scope of works in general terms entails a contractor works programme within a prescribed time to notify and engage occupiers/landowners to safely access septic tanks, in some instances exposing and recovering/re-instating tank lids, desludging of tanks, re instatement of tanks, transportation of collected biosolids, disposal of collected biosolids at an approved site and record-keeping / minor updating location records.

A Scope of Works document for the project must be obtained by visiting or contacting the council offices; by phone 8680 2002, fax 8680 2296 or email admin@wudinna.sa.gov.au or downloading here. Any enquiries about the project should be directed to Denvir Moses, Manager Environmental Services.

Tenders must be submitted on the form provided in the Scope of Works Package together with completed minor works agreement in a sealed envelope marked “Wudinna Bio Solids De-Sludging- 2019” to:

The Chief Executive Officer
Wudinna District Council
PO Box 6, Wudinna SA 5652

by no later than 5pm, Friday 29 March 2019.

No Tender Necessarily Accepted.


Alan McGuire

Wudinna District Council
PO Box 6, Wudinna SA 5652
Ph: (08) 8680 2002| Fax: (08) 8680 2296