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  • WDC044574 Wudinna Oval Flood Light Replacement

    Invitation to Tender for Works


    Wudinna Oval Flood Light Replacement



    Tenders are invited to undertake a major upgrade of the Wudinna Oval flood lights. The works are being funded under the Federal Government Drought Communities Funding Program

    The objectives of the program are to deliver support to targeted drought-affected regions of Australia by funding:
    - local community infrastructure and
    - other drought relief projects

    The intended outcomes of the program are to:
    - increase employment in regions by providing work for locals and/or farmers and farm labourers/staff/contractors whose employment opportunities have been affected by drought
    - improve levels of economic activity in regions
    - increase productivity in regions
    - enable better retention of businesses, services and facilities

    For the purposes of Drought Communities Funding Program compliance, the project is being administered by Wudinna District Council on behalf of Wudinna Community Club.

    Name of Project

    • Wudinna Oval Flood Light Replacement

    Description of works

    • Tenders are invited for the removal of existing lights at Wudinna Oval and design, development approval and installation of new lights as follows.

      • Removal of existing poles and fittings

      • Retention and make safe existing sub ground structure

      • Upgrade existing single phase supply to two poles to three phase supply.

      • Excavation earthworks and concrete footings for four new poles.

      • Supply and Install four new thirty-metre poles manufactured by Ingal EPS AS/AZS compliant, or equivalent.

      • Supply and install eight Thorn Champion Pro LED fittings, totalling 32 fittings.

    • Tender responses to include all costs, including

      • Crane Hire

      • Earthworks

      • Supply of complaint concrete light pole footings

      • Freight to Wudinna Oval site

      • Development approval including CITB fees

      • Electrical labour.

      • All other labour costs to be itemised.


    • Works must be completed by 30 June, 2019. The contractor is to give a clear indication when the works can be undertaken.

    • Council is facilitating the Works on behalf of Wudinna Community Club. Contractors will be required to submit invoices inclusive of GST to Council as per the agreed payment schedule.

      1. for this project is through the Commonwealth Government Funded Drought Communities Program. There is no additional money available for the project other than what is agreed between Council and the contractor. Any additional works to undertaken by the contractor on this project beyond the agreed Description of Works will be the responsibility of the contractor to negotiate with the community organisation responsible for management of the site.
    • The lowest priced tender will not necessarily be selected

    • Interviews with preferred contractors and suppliers may be undertaken with input from community groups responsible for ongoing management of project outcomes

    • In line with the Drought Communities Funding Guidelines, priority will be given where possible to local businesses, suppliers and services.

    • Contractors appointed to undertake listed projects must be either listed as preferred contractors on Councils Preferred Contractors Register or eligible to be listed on the Preferred Contractor list to undertake the listed project.

    • Tender responses to include

      • An understanding of the task

      • Capacity to deliver by 30 June 2019

      • Lead contractor/s who will be responsible for works

      • Price for work including GST

      • Alignment of the to intended project outcomes of increasing local employment, improving economic activity and enabling retention of businesses, services and facilities in the local region.

      • A proposed payment schedule. An arrangement will be negotiated and agreed in writing with Council

      • Any special conditions to the response.

    • Tenders to be submitted electronically through SA Tenders and Contracts website tenders.sa.gov.au  by 2pm Thursday 31 January, 2019.



Wudinna District Council
PO Box 6, Wudinna SA 5652
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