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Waste Management Review

Council has recently undertaken a review of waste management operations with a particular focus on kerbside collection and refuse sites.

All ratepayers will be receiving an information fact sheet in the post about proposed changes. This facilitates part of Council’s consultation process and will be followed by a community survey which will be posted in the coming weeks. The fact sheet can be downloaded here - Waste Management Consultation(441 kb).

Any queries should be directed to Kelsey Trezise (Works Administration Officer).

CEIP Community Development Group

Notice Contact Alan F McGuire
Position CEO
Phone 08  86802002
Notice Address 11 Burton Terrace
Notice Email

Per ordinary meeting held 19 September 2017, Council has endorsed the public consultation process for the creation of the Central Eyre Iron Community Development Group.

A copy of the proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Group are attached.

The principal aims of the Group are to:

  • Provide a forum for communication and discussion between the Council, the local community and Iron Road in relation to the CEIP
  • Facilitate consultation on behalf of the Council, the local community and Iron Road in relation to the CEIP, and
  • Provide reports and feedback to the Council and Iron Road received because of any local community consultation

The object of the Group is to:

  • Promote co-operation between stakeholders in the CEIP including the Council, the local community and Iron Road
  • Facilitate and engage in community consultation to assist in meeting the consultation requirements of Iron Road and the Council in relation to CEIP, and
  • Ensure that reports and feedback arising from local community consultation are provided to relevant stakeholders.

Terms of Public Consultation

Interested persons are invited to make written submissions about the model to Council, addressed to the CEO. Verbal submissions will be acceptable if requested by persons who have made a written submission. Submissions are able to be made for a 30 day period, commencing Tuesday 3 October 2017 until Friday 3 November 2017. Persons to be aware that all submissions may be presented to a public meeting of Council.

A panel of elected members (and appointed staff if determined by Council) will be convened to receive any submissions. A report will be then prepared by the CEO with all documentation/submissions received by Council attached and they will be submitted in full (save for any text that is determined to be insulting or improper) to the Council/Panel, and ultimately to a meeting of Council.

The Council/Panel having reviewed the submissions against the proposed model will make the recommendations/submissions available to Council for consideration (via CEO report).

Subject to the acknowledgement or agreement of Iron Road Ltd to any changes to the draft MOU and/or TOR as appropriate, final documentation will then be referred to an ordinary meeting of the Council for consideration and, as appropriate, formal adoption and application.

The decision on whether to accept any suggestions/requests and or recommendations from such submissions will be a decision of the Council.


Notice in the local media and a simple invitation to interested persons that are registered on the voter’s roll will be provided. Council will also ascertain interest from suitable local community candidates to ensure interest and a good panel of suitable candidates is available for selection of the requisite number of local community representatives. The final decision of successful candidates to be made by a resolution of Council in a method of its determination.

Alan F McGuire

Memorandum of Understanding.pdf singleFile (1kb)

Terms of Reference.pdf singleFile (1kb)

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