Adjoining Assessments & Single Farm Enterprises

Adjoining Assessments and Single Farm Enterprises

An adjoining assessment, also referred to as 'contiguous', occurs when two properties share a common boundary, and they are listed as having exactly the same owners. This can save a ratepayer rates in a couple of instances. Firstly, if a levy is applied, such as the Natural Resource Management Levy, then the ratepayer will receive only one levy rather than two. Also, depending on the valuations of the properties, adjoining assessments may receive only one minimum rate between them.

It is the Council's responsibility to identify each adjoining assessment, but if you think we may not have yours recorded, please speak to the Rates Officer.

Single Farm Enterprises (SFE) are also a way of reducing the amount of a levies a farmer may have to pay. An SFE does not have to be adjoining or held in the same names, but it has to be demonstrated that the blocks are farmed as the one enterprise. It is the land-owners' responsibility to inform the Council of any allotments they may purchase or start farming as a SFE. Likewise, it is their responsibility to inform the Council of any allotments that are no longer part of their enterprise.

If you wish to apply for a Single Farm Enterprise or amend a current one, please use the form attached - Single Farm Enterprise Application(339 kb)