Other Attractions

Granite Sculpture "The Australian Farmer"

The Granite Sculpture project was run by the Community Directions Group, with Council supporting the concept.

The artist, Marijan Bekic, arrived in late April 2007, with his son David. Work continued throughout the 2008/09 financial year, with the official gala opening held on 17 April 2009 with a large crowd in attendance.

The sculpture and the work around it created national media attention. A DVD has been prepared documenting the progress on the sculpture and simultaneously a freelance media crew documented serveral stories about Wudinna and its surrounds for international release.


Natural Attractions

Corrobinnie Hill

Corrobinnie Hill is a large granite outcrop on the outskirts of Pinkawillinie Conservation Park, providing views of the Park and the Gawler Ranges in the distance. The Hill, located approximately 20 kilometres west of Wudinna, is only accessible by 4WD and is a popular picnic destination by locals and visitors. Children and adults alike will have lots of adventurous fun climbing and exploring the granite boulders that characterise the Hill. There are no facilities at the Hill and access is free.


Ucontitchie Hill

Ucontitchie Hill is a large granite outcrop of international significance. The Hill has many geological features of interest and these have been documented in a book by CR Twidale, EM Campbell and MR Foale, available for purchase from the Council office. The book outlines a suggested trail to fully take in the different formations and points of interest. It is located approximately 34 kilometres south-west of Wudinna, access is free. However, access is through private property so we ask that any gates opened be shut immediately after passage.


Polda Rock

Polda Rock Recreation Reserve is located just 7 kilometres east of Wudinna. There are Shelter, barbecue and toilet facilities, and a walking trail follows the circumference of the Rock. The Rock itself has heritage significance, from its use as a water supply for the township of Wudinna in the early settlement days. In 2002 the local Council restored Polda's water supply infrastrucutre and laid new pipes from Polda into Wudinna. This water is collected and used on parklands, ovals and sporting facilities in the Wudinna township. It provides a popular picnic spoot with locals and visitors, access to the rock is free and well worth a visit. Little Mount Wudinna is also contained within the reserve and is connected to the Polda Water Scheme.

A bike/walking trail also runs from Wudinna to Mount Wudinna via Polda Rock. If you're feeling fit, the trail is approximately 13 kilometres long. Camping is not permitted.


Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock is a granite outcrop that looks something like, you guessed it, a turtle. Its on private land so it cannot be climbed, however there is a photo opportunity siding off the Mt Wudinna Access Road. It can also be seen quite clearly from the top of Mount Wudinna.


Waddikee Rock

Located directly adjacent Highway One at Koongawa, east of Wudinna, Waddikee Rock is a small, exposed granite dome that provides an excellent view of the surrounding landscape. A monument to John Charles Darke, an early explorer who was speared by natives whilst travelling through the area, is located at the base of the rock.

Minnipa Agricultural Centre

The Minnipa Agricultural Centre is located at Minnipa, approximately 600km north-west of Adelaide, on central Eyre Peninsula. The centre, which is operated by Primary Industries and Resources SA, occupies 1200 ha of light sandy loam with occasional patches of limestone and lighter rises. Granite outcrops are a prominent geographical feature. Minnipa Agricultural Centre serves the cereal growing areas of Eyre Peninsula - an area which produces on average 40-45% of South Australia's wheat.

It is the low rainfall research station for SARDI and is a focus for research, development and extension into marginal farming systems. In terms of total arable area and production, low rainfall wheat/sheep regions constitute the most significant area of production for SA broadacre agriculture and produce more than one half of the State's cereal grain income.

The farm is used to demonstrate current farming technology on a broadacre basis, bridging the gap between small plot research and commercial reality. The centre is also the base for a research and extension team which is undertaking projects to improve the productivity and sustainability of low rainfall systems across the upper Eyre Peninsula.

Tours of the farm are available through the local tour operator.

For more information visit the Minnipa Agricultural Centre's website http://www.sardi.sa.gov.au/about_us_2/facilities/minnipa_agricultural_centre.