Senior Management

Alan McGuire
Chief Executive Officer 

Andrew Buckham
Office Manager 

Areas of Responsibility include:
Supervision of Administration Staff
Governance & Compliance
Council Policy
Strategic Planning
Information Technology
Rates Administration
Voter's Roll
Council Minutes & Agendas
Human Resources
Website Maintenance
Work Health & Safety
Injury Management Coordinator - Backup
Internal Rehabilitation & Return to Work Coordinator - Backup 

Craig Midgley
Economic & Community Development Manager 

Areas of Responsibility include:
Economic Development
Community Development

Denvir Moses
Manager Environmental Services 

Areas of Responsibility include:
Public & Environmental Health Services
Food Safety
Immunisation Promotion
Assessment / Approval of Waste Control Systems
Contact Services to Neighbouring Local Authorities
Development Control
Risk and Property Management
Fire Prevention
Animal Management 

Selena Garnaut
Finance Manager

Areas of Responsibility include:
Local Government Searches
Property Rates
Business Activity Statement
Fringe Benefit Tax
Financial Reporting

Administration Department

Rhonda Richter
Administrative Services Officer

Areas of Responsibility include:
Graphical Information Systems (Mapping)
Asset Management / Asset Register Maintenance
Project Management
General Administration
Rural Property Addressing
WH&S Coordinator
Internal Return to Work Coordinator (IRC)
Internal Claims Coordinator (ICC) 

Tanya Mitchell
Finance/Administration Officer 

Renee Lihou
Finance/Administration Officer (Casual)

Rachel Andrew
General Clerical Officer 

Hayley Jericho
General Clerical Officer

Works Department

Works Manager

Areas of Responsibility include:
Playground and Reserve Maintenance
Traffic Control Devices, Signs & Signals
Street Lighting
Line Marking
Construction and Maintenance of Roads
Footpaths and Stormwater Drainage
Street Cleaning
Common Effluent Drainage
Waste Removal
Aerodrome Management 

Kelsey Trezise
Works Administration Officer / Supervisor - Parks & Gardens

Jay Bunney
Horticulturalist / Town Handyman 

John Cummings
Plant Operator - Patrol Grader 

Brian Finey
Plant Operator - Construction 

Graeme Garnaut
Plant Operator - Construction 

Neville (Sam) Miller
Waste Management Officer (Casual) 

Ian North
Horticulturalist / Town Handyman 

Mick O'Brien
Waste Management Officer 

Viv O'Brien
Plant Operator - Construction 

Roddy Scholz
Plant Operator - Construction (Casual) 

Daryl Zubrinich
Plant Operator - Construction