Council Records & FOI

Council Records

The Council is happy to provide information to the public whenever possible. Most information and files held by the Council are available for public viewing. These include the following documents:


Council Agenda

The Agenda for the monthly meetings of Council includes the Agenda (proceedings), reports to Council from senior administration staff, and the correspondence.

Council Minutes

The Council Minutes are a record of the motions of the meeting.

Policy Manual

The Policy Manual contains all the policies Council have adopted and agreed to abide by in our day-to-day business.

Assessment Record

The Assessment Record is a record of each valuation (property) in the Wudinna District area.

Building/Planning Application Register

Each time an application is made to Council for building works, it is entered into the Building/Planning Application Register.

Register of Elected Member Allowances

Elected Members (Councillors) are entitled to an annual allowance (Local Government Act 1999).

Register of Fees and Charges levied by Council

This includes dog registrations, cemetery & burials, building & planning fees and other administrative type charges such as photocopying, maps and Council documents.

Annual Report

Each financial year Council is required to produce an Annual Report. This contains an Information Summary, Achievements for the year and consolidated financial statements.

Voters Roll

Council maintains a Voters Roll for the purpose of conducting local government elections.

Committee Agenda

Includes agendas for meetings of Council committees such as the Homes for the Aged Committee, Australia Day Committee, Machinery & Works Committee.

Committee Minutes

Minutes of meetings of Council committees such as the Homes for the Aged Committee, Australia Day Committee, Machinery & Works Committee..

Budget Statements

Council prepares an annual budget each financial year.

Annual Financial Statements

A comprehensive set of Council's audited financial statements.

Development Plan

The Development Plan describes the land use rights that apply to all land within the district.

Planning Applications by Consent

Any non-complying development with Council's Development Plan.

Register of Employees Wages & Benefits

A document outlining each employee's wages & benefits.

Community Plan

The Community Plan was developed by the community and states our vision and goals for the future development of the area.

Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan is a plan for the future operation of the Council that reflects the Vision, Goals, Objectives and Actions of the Community Plan.

Council By-Laws

Council By-Laws as applied to the Wudinna  District area.

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 1991 gives the public a legally enforceable right of access to documents (subject to certain restrictions) within South Australian State and Local Government's possession. The purpose of Freedom of Information (FOI) is to make the business of government open and accountable to all.

If you have any Freedom of Information enquiries, please contact Council's Freedom of Information Officer. If you would like to make a Freedom of Information request to Council, it is recommended that contact be made with Council's FOI Officer in the first instance, as a FOI Request may not be necessary to access the information you are after.

Freedom of Information Statement 2019-2020