Feature Parks

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Minnipa Apex Information Bay
Mount WudinnaPildappa Rock
Polda Rock

Polkdinney Park

Standley Park

Tcharkulda Hill

Wudinna Apex Park

Wudinna Lions Information Bay

Minnipa Apex Information Bay, Eyre Highway, Minnipa

Equipped with an electric coin-operated barbecue, picnic facilities and local information, the Minnipa Apex Information Bay provides an ideal rest stop at Minnipa. The park is also home to the infamous 'Concrete Crappa'.

Mount Wudinna

Mount Wudinna is one of the largest granite monoliths in Australia, rising to 261 metres and is the district's largest tourist attraction. It is located 10km to the east of Wudinna. An interpretive trail provides an interesting walk to the top and around the base of the rock. Picnic, shelter, free gas barbecue and toilet facilities are available.

Pildappa Rock

This spectacular granite dome, 14 kilometres north of Minnipa, displays distinctive wave-like features which make it a must to visit. Picnic, shelter, free gas barbecue and toilet facilities are available. A walking/drive trail circumnavigates the rock.

Polda Rock

A water reserve that originally supplied the Wudinna township, Polda has recently been transferred to the District Council as a recreation reserve. Much of the original infrastructure, including the hand constructed stone channel to collect water from the rock and water reservoir, remain. Picnic, free gas barbecue, shelter and toilet facilities are currently available with a walking trail surrounding the rock.

Polkdinney Park, Eyre Highway, Kyancutta

Polkdinney Park was opened on the 29th of March 1986 as a Jubilee 150 project. The names of pioneers in the Kyancutta district are carved on fence posts around the park. The park contains several implements which are indicative of the equipment used in the early days of settlement. Included is a scrub roller, water pump, wagon, road grader and Mouldboard plough. A picnic table is provided and the park is in close proximity to the Kyancutta Store, public phone and publically-accessible toilet.

Standley Park, Medley Tce, Wudinna

Standley Park has recently been redeveloped with the assistance of the Wudinna Lions Club and the local community. A war memorial has been erected 'dedicated in memory of those men and women who gave their all for the freedom of the country they loved', and the park is used for Anzac Day and Remembrance Day services. The park is well maintained by Council and community members.

Tcharkulda Hill

Located just 3 kilometres east of Minnipa, Tcharkulda Hill is a large granite dome covered with enormous boulders and rock formations. A low wall surrounds Tcharkulda directing water runoff into a large underground tank. Many euros live in the scrub surrounding the rocks. Picnic facilities are available, including a barbeque.

Wudinna Apex Park, Naylor Tce, Wudinna

Wudinna Apex Park is located on Naylor Terrace, immediately adjacent to the swimming pool. Picnic, barbeque, toilets and playground facilities are available.  A free jumping pillow has recently been installed in the Park and operates 7 days a week.  Further developments will be undertaken in the Park over the coming years.

Playground 2016                       jumping pillow

Wudinna Lions Information Bay, Eyre Highway, Wudinna

The Wudinna Lions Information Bay is conveniently located on the Eyre Highway on the corner of the western entrance into Wudinna. Containing local information, it is also equipped with a shelter, toilets and picnic facilities.