Council Meetings

The Wudinna District Council meets at 1.00pm on the third Tuesday of each month, unless this day falls on a Public Holiday in which case the meeting automatically converts to the day after. The meetings are open to the public to observe, unless prior notice is given to the contrary.

Council minutes are a record of what has been decided at Council meetings. Copies of minutes are available for public viewing at the Council Office, on the website (Minutes & Agendas) and by free email subscription. Copies can also be posted to you on a monthly basis for a small, annual fee (see Fees & Charges).

Council Agendas are prepared a week prior to Council meetings and can be viewed at the Council Office or on the website. They can also be purchased (see Fees & Charges).

Members of the community may put their views on particular issues to Council via a number of means, one of which is a deputation/presentation to Council. If you would like further information contact the Chief Executive Officer.