Free Standing Signs

Development Approval must be sought from Council before erecting any free standing signs in the district. For more information contact Council's Manager Environmental Services.

Movable Signs

In 1996 Council passed By-law No. 1 - Movable Signs. This by-law sets standards for movable signs on streets and roads and provides conditions for and the placement of such signs. To view this by-law, click here.

In addition, at Council's January 2001 meeting, the following policy was set in regards to Movable Signs:

  • All movable signs erected along the Eyre Highway within Township zones for the purpose of advertising local businesses must be removed at the end of each day to indicate close of business, thus only being in display whilst the business is open for trading.
  • The signs are to be a minimum of 900mm by 600mm by 600mm and a maximum of 1200mm by 600mm by 600mm.
  • Application to position a movable sign along the Eyre Highway within Township boundaries must be made to Council. Council to give approval on a case-by-case basis.

Road Signs

In 1996 a committee was formed to review and name the rural roads in the district. The public were given the opportunity to make comment on a map showing the proposed naming and renaming of district rural roads. In September of that year, the road names were adopted at the ordinary meeting of Council in accordance with Section 353 of the Local Government Act 1934 (as amended). Road signs were then erected with the remainder erected in 1999. Kerb numbering of houses within Wudinna was completed in 1998 and township street signage in Wudinna and Minnipa was replaced in 1999. Any queries regarding road signs should be directed to Council's Works Manager.

Tourism Signage

Council, in partnership with a variety of state and federal agencies, has part funded and/or coordinated a range of tourist signs, with a view to providing direction and information to visitors wanting to enjoy our recreation facilities. A number of recent examples include,

  • "Granite Country" interpretation panels at the Tourist Information Bay located on Highway One at Wudinna's western entrance. These panels provide a variety of historical, geological, and drive trail information. An attention winner is the local business signage at this location.
  • Tourist Drive location signs for a 25 kilometre Granite Drive Trail.
  • Interpretation panels at the entrance, and en route, along the Mount Wudinna walk trail, an interesting walk to the summit of the regions largest granite monolith.
  • Directional and location signs at Pildappa Rock Recreation Reserve, which in conjunction with a souvenir printed guide (produced by the Minnipa Progress Association Inc.) present history and information on the Pildappa Rock area.
  • Interpretation, Information and Visitor safety signs at Polda Rock Recreation Reserve.

New highway signs featuring larger photographic images of regional attractions are the next in exciting and attractive signs being developed by Council, as part of its tourism and economic development activities.

Traffic Control Signs

Traffic control signs for the highways and the railway crossings in the district are the responsibility of Transport SA. Traffic control signs for the rural roads and the townships in the district are the responsibility of Council. Any queries should be directed to Council's Works Manager.