Fire / Burning

For more information regarding burning and bushfire prevention contact Council's Fire Prevention Officer.

Bushfire Safer Precincts and Refuges of Last Resort

The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) has established Bushfire Safer Precints and Refuges of Last Resort across Council's area. For details of these locations and to view maps, please click here

Fire Danger Season

Burning permits are required during periods from 1 November to 15 April.

Any burning off conducted within the Fire Danger Season requires a permit. Permits can be obtained from any authorised officer. For a list of current authorised officers contact Council.

Burning Off

After obtaining a permit from an Authosied Permit Officer (Contact Council for a list), Landowners must inform Council of their intention to burn, they must also inform their immediate neighbours. The following information is required when informing Council:

  • Name
  • Permit Number
  • Location (Section number/s and Hundred)
  • Type of material (grass, stubble, etc)
  • Number of acres

For burning off intended to be conducted on weekends, Landowners must inform Council prior to the weekend (eg. on Friday).
Information on how to conduct burning off safely can be obtained from the Council or local Country Fire Service Branch.

Fire Ban Days

Absolutely no burning is permitted on days which have been declared Fire Ban Days. If you are unsure whether it is a Fire Ban Day, ring 1300 362 361 for a recorded message (the Wudinna district is located in the West Coast region) or click here.

Fire Hazards - 'Section 105F' Notices

In October each year, Council's Fire Prevention Officer identifies potential fire hazards and issues Notices in accordance with Section 105F of the Fires and Emergency Services Act. It is the responsibility of owners and occupiers of property to remove all vegetation such as long grass or accumulation of flammable material before the CFS declaration of the Fire Danger Season.


Throughout the Fire Danger Season if a Total Fire Ban has not been declared, you may use any barbecue or campfire for cooking or warmth but there are conditions that you must follow. The fire must be contained in a barbecue or cooker, a properly constructed fire place of a 30 centimetre deep trench, not more than 1 square metre in area. As well, you must have cleared away all flammable material for a 4 metre space around and above it. While it is alight you must also stay with the fire and have with you sufficient water or other appropriate extinguishing agent to be able to put the fire out.

Burning Rubbish

The use of incinerators and open fires for waste disposal on domestic premises is prohibited.

Bushfire Prevention

Codes of Practice are available from the Fire Prevention Officer on the following:

  • Stubble slashing
  • Burning off outside the Fire Danger Season
  • Pre-harvest checklist
  • Harvest checklist
  • use of motor and machinery during the Fire Danger Season