The Council maintains in excess of 1700 kilometres of roads, with the majority of these being unsealed. It is also responsible for the maintenance and construction of township footpaths.

Unsealed RoadsCouncil employs a Grader Operator as well as using a contract grader. Council undertakes patrol grading to endeavour to provide the travelling public with a reasonably well maintained rural road network. Council gives high priority to Main Arterial Roads and School Bus Routes wherever possible and appropriate, and gives reasonable consideration to other road lengths and classifications. The following criteria, taken from Council's General Works Policy, determines the day to day use and on going operation of Council Patrol Graders and Contract Graders under Council's control:

Road ClassificationMain Arterial Roads
Primary Roads
Secondary Roads
School Bus Routes

Road Surface Conditions
Imminent risk or evidence of danger to the travelling public
Pertinent weather conditions
Locality of road concerned with local road network (i.e alternative routes available)

Traffic volumes
Type of traffic

Locality of Resources (Graders)

Sealed Roads
Township RoadsThe district towns of Wudinna and Minnipa have most of their streets sealed. Kyancutta's Holman Road, Warramboo's Barns Street and Yaninee's Hunt Street are also sealed. Pygery has unsealed streets.

Port Kenny RoadThe road from Pygery to Port Kenny provides a vital link for tourism, commerce and trade between the western coastal and central agricultural region of Eyre Peninsula. It has gained the unanimous support of the Eyre Peninsula Local Government Association as the top regional priority for local roads on Eyre Peninsula. The Port Kenny Road is now completely sealed with bitumen.

Eyre & Tod HighwayThe Eyre Highway (part of Australia's National One highway) runs through the district towns of Minnipa, Yaninee, Wudinna and Kyancutta. The Tod Highway runs from Kyancutta to Port Lincoln and runs though the town of Warramboo. These roads are maintained by Transport SA.

Restricted Access Vehicles
For further information restricted access vehicles and our road network, please visit the Restricted Access Vehicles page.

Temporary Road Closures
From time-to-time, Wudinna & District roads are closed in order to hold special events. If your business or community organisation would like to close a Wudinna District road or part of a road:

  • Put the request in writing to the Chief Executive Officer, Wudinna District Council, preferably within 2 months of the closure (this will allow enough time for the request to go before Council and a public notice to be published).
  • In your request, specify exactly which road or which portion of road you would like closed, the exact times and date/s of the road closure, and the purpose of the road closure.

If you would like to make a complaint about any district road or footpath, please contact Council's Works Manager.

Early road making in the Wudinna district