Waste Management

Household Waste Collection

Council provide a weekly kerbside household waste collection service to all rateable properties within the township boundaries of Wudinna and Minnipa. Properties within the Waste Collection Designated Area in Yaninee, Pygery, Kyancutta and Warramboo as identified in Council's Waste Collection & Disposal Service Policy are provided with a weekly household waste collection service via a modified kerbside service or a bin bank location.

Properties outside the Waste Collection Designated Area may apply to Council to have their waste collected from a bin bank location. To be considered for this service, please complete a Mobile Garbage Bin Collection Form and return it to the Council office.

Household Waste means any kind of domestic and kitchen waste generated from residences but excludes liquids, metals (other than food containers), building materials, stones, bricks, soil, green waste, lead acid batteries, tyres and any dangerous or toxic waste.

The standard entitlement weekly collection service provides for the collection of household waste by the use of one (1) 140 litre mobile garbage bin.

Commercial Collection Service

Council offer a weekly general waste collection service to commercial premises within the townships of Wudinna and Minnipa. The standard entitlement weekly collection service will provide for the collection of general waste by the use of one (1) 140 litre mobile garbage bin.

Commercial properties not requiring the collection service may cancel it. An application is to be made via the “Mobile Garbage Bin Collection Form” which is to be approved at the discretion of the Finance Manager, as per the terms of Council’s Waste Collection & Disposal Service Policy. Any service removed will only be re-instated upon application.

On Collection Day

Collection occurs for all townships on FRIDAY. Collection will still occur on Public Holidays unless otherwise advised by Council.


  • Have the bin out on the kerbside or in the bin bank by 7.00am on the scheduled collection day.
  • Place the bin as close to the edge of the road as possible.
  • Make sure the bin faces the road – ie. handles facing away from the road.
  • Ensure that the bin is clear of trees and obstructions such as other garbage bins, trees, power poles and parked vehicles.
  • If using a bin bank, place the bin as close to the front of the bin bank as possible. All bins should be in a single file, along the length of the bin bank. Ensure that it is not touching any of the other bins.
  • Put the bin back on your property after it has been emptied.

Do Not

  • Do not overfill the bin so that the lid will not close.
  • Do not put separate bags or boxes beside the bin as they will not be collected.
  • Do not put hot ashes, acids or sharp objects in the bin as they may damage it.
  • Do not put heavy objects in the bin as it may not be collected.
  • Do not put industrial or building waste in the bin e.g. tyres, oils. Wheelie bins are for household waste only.

Liquids or loose waste likely to cause a litter problem are not to be placed in the bins.

Provision & Replacement of Mobile Garbage Bins

  • Council provide the first bin to all new properties free of charge.
  • Council will replace a stolen or vandalised bin free of charge upon production of evidence of the stolen property being reported to the Police (report number required).
  • If the bin has been damaged as a direct result of Council’s contractor (taking into account that all bins have a limited life and their condition will progressively deteriorate with normal use), any replacement must be negotiated between Council and the resident/ratepayer.
  • If the bin has been damaged as a result of the resident/ratepayer, they are responsible for the purchase of a new bin (or replacement parts if applicable).
  • The bins are the property of the Council and are registered by serial number to the premises to which it is allocated. Therefore, the bin must remain with that property unless returned to Council. If a change of occupancy or ownership occurs, the bins must remain with the property. It is the responsibility of the land agent/owner to ensure that if a rental tenant or property ownership changes, the bins stay at the property.
  • A serial number is located on the side of each bin and it is a good idea to make note of this number so if the bin goes missing, it can easily be identified and returned to the right property. You may put identifying marks on the bin (property address is appropriate) so long as it is neat and presentable, as to not deface Council property.
  • The contractor’s truck has the capability to identify the property address that the bin has come from. Any reports of misuse of the service will be reported to Council Staff for actioning.

Waste Service Charge

An annual Waste Service Charge will be applied to all properties to which Council provides or makes available the Waste Service for a mobile garbage bin collection and disposal service. Vacant land will not attract a service charge unless the principal ratepayer has requested the service be provided to the property.

Waste Oil Collection Facility

Council has a waste oil collection facility located at the depot for use by the public. All types of containers can be taken there for collection as long as they are clean. For more information or to book a time, please contact the Council's Work's Manager.

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