The information below has been largely sourced and reproduced from the publication 'Grain Amid Granite'
by Erna Franklin and Edna Heath, with the kind permission of Mrs Erna Franklin.


On 21st March 1925, following representation from the various sidings in the district, delegates met at Minnipa to discuss the formation of a District Council. The District Council of Minnipa was formally constituted on 28th May 1925 and the first meeting was held at Wudinna in June of that year. In 1932 there was a change of name to the District Council of Le Hunte, after Sir George Ruthven Le Hunte, Governor of South Australia, who proclaimed the County of Le Hunte on 4th November 1908.

On the 24th April 2008, Council changed its name to the Wudinna District Council, but still resides within the Le Hunte County. The change of name was undertaken due to the need to promote the area through tourism and business.


At the time of constitution, the District Council of Minnipa consisted of the Hundreds of Condada, Moorkitabie, Carina, Addison, Travers, Minnipa, Yaninee, Pygery, Wudinna, Palabie, Wannamana, Mamblin, Warramboo, and Kappakoola and Crown lands located in what are now known as the Hundreds of Pordia and Cocata. Portions of the Hundreds of Koongawa and Cootra were annexed in 1935. Council boundaries were extended once again in 1966, when the whole of Hundreds of Pildappa and Pinbong and portions of Cocata and Koongawa were annexed. The Hundred of Hill was annexed in 1984. Click here to view a map of the current Council boundary.


In September of 1926 the district was divided into seven wards: Warramboo, Kyancutta, Wudinna, Pygery, Minnipa, Yaninee and Carina. In 1957 the wards were redivided with Kyancutta Ward being changed to Cootra Ward. Before the wards were once again redivided in 1987 - the composition was as follows:


Consisting of:


Township of Warramboo, Hundreds of Warramboo and Kappakoola


Hundreds of Cootra, Koongawa, Mamblin and Hill


Township of Kyancutta, Hundreds of Wannamana and Wudinna


Hundreds of Pygery, Pinbong, Palabie, Cocata, Townships of Wudinna and Pygery


Hundreds of Condada, Minnipa and Pildappa, Township of Minnipa


Hundreds of Yaninee & Pordia, Township of Yaninee


Hundreds of Addison, Carina, Travers and Moorkitabie

In 1987 the wards were redivided into the following:

New Ward

Consisting of:


Carina Ward, Minnipa Ward


Yaninee Ward, Pygery Ward, Wudinna Ward


Cootra Ward, Warramboo Ward

The wards were finally abolished in 1992.

Past Chairpersons

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District Clerks

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